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MAF info
Info from monthly meeting with the company in April 2018.
An Info that deals with the OD, El / ET, meetings, wage settlement onshore, Hydraulics, work VO’s and the resource pool.

Salary Placement for Operator Drilling:
The company has examined how they perceive the distribution of the responsibilities in the control room. They do not believe that the Operator Drilling has got the scope of responsibility expanded by also monitoring the engine room's alarm panel. The company underline that the Operator Drilling should only turn off alarms, and then always notify Operatror Technical for further follow-up.
MAF disagrees that this is a fixed practice and MAF will follow up on the case.

Workload for Electricians and ET:
MAF has had a meeting with Lars Hvilsom to discuss technical challenges and high workload among Electricians and ETs. We will follow up on the matter, but first we have to await the S-AMU planned survey for the Technical Department and manning analyses.

Crew Safety Meeting
The company has not approved paying for crew safety meetings for the actual time used. The crew is informed that they are supposed to arrange the meeting within 30 minutes unless otherwise agreed with management on board, according to the MDN. This actual meeting lasted for 45 mins and MAF believes that this should be compensated by 1 hour overtime. The case is now submitted to dispute resolution between IE/NR.

Wage settlement for employees onshore
The company has submitted proposals for the settlement, but MAF has requested supplementary information. MAF will request a seperate meeting for these negotiations.

BOP course for Hydraulics
MAF has claimed that the Hydraulics should be offered courses that will provide them with adequate knowledge and understanding needed in order to work on such safety-critical equipment. The matter is now submitted to the company’s "Training and Competence Group" and is expected to be processed at the next meeting of the group.

Savings on the VO work
MAF believes that savings within the VO-Service have become too extensive.
MAF addressed the following points at the meeting.
- Resuming of the VO-Seminar in 2018.
- High work load means that the HVO and VO’s does not have time for both their
regular work and their elected obligations.
- On most rigs security-related meetings beyond half an hour are not compensated.

The company response below:
- The company requests the VO-Service to revert with suggestions with costs

-The company, in cooperation with the VO-Service, wished to map issues including
differences between the rigs/crews. The company convenes for a meeting.

- The meetings will basically be held within 30 minutes unless otherwise agreed with
the rig management.

MAF believes that sufficient time should allocated for security-related meeting activities.

Resource Pool
MAF believes that the size of the Resource Pool is too small. The extended use of substitutes on-call and the use of overtime is a proof of this. The MAF has therefore requested negotiations on the size of the Resource Pool. A separate meeting on the subject will be held in late May.

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