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MAF Info
Info following monthly meeting with company 20 March 2018
An info on project catering 6-110, tax in DK on PFA-pension, OD, workload EL / ET, G4 welding and travel regulations.
Project Catering 6-110
A test project has now been carried out, with the possibility of having 6 employees in the catering if there were under 110 POB’s (not including catering). It may be said that the project has been successful, but with certain assumptions. One must ensure that the supplier of kitchen machines has routines that ensure constant operation and that there will be "dual dishwashers" on all our units.

Quality of food and cleaning in the common areas should be as it has been previously. Cleaning of the cabin itself may be reduced. You will have to bring / pick up your own laundry in the laundry, only uniform shirts will be folded. 

Personnel arriving at the rig will themselves have to put on bed linen. This will be placed on the bed. Personnel traveling home will take off used bedding and bring it to the laundry.
MAF believes that the individual handling of the bed linen should be included in the working hours. 

The opening hours in the galley will now be changed to 2 hours at each meal except for "midnight", this will be 1 hour 45 min. It is up to each rig to decide on the hours.

Tax in Denmark on the PFA pension (profit):
The company has still not received a response from the Norwegian Tax Directorate, but the agreement to deduct money from the savings for payment of tax in DK will nevertheless be approved as soon as possible.
It will work so that if you wish to make use of the offer, you must first confirm that you understand the terms by signing a memo. Furthermore, at the request of PFA, there will be a lower limit for the amount you may withdraw. We will revert with info when the final agreement is in place.

Salary group for Operator Drilling:
The company is currently conducting its own investigations on the rigs, so we still await a response.

Workload for Electricians and ET:
MAF plans to meet with the technical department to get a better overview of the present technical challenges, and what it will take to regulate the high workload.
The case is still at S-AMU, where it is decided that an analysis on needed manpower will be carried out in the technical department, with a survey in advance of the analysis in order to obtain a better overview of the challenges.

G4 Welding course
The MAF has requested the company to investigate if anyone has not been compensated for participation at the G4 course, but of course you nevertheless have the opportunity to make contact by yourself.

Section 13.1 of the Collective Agreement, Travel allowance rates 

The rates were changed in OCS as of 01.01.18 from NOK 733 to NOK 569, which is non-deductible amount.
Since the rate for 2018 is still unclear, MDN will re-allocate the rates back to 2017 from April, and pay in arrear the deductible difference (733-569 = 164).
For driving changes will also be implemented in OCS.
The rate for commuting (work travels) is NOK 1.56 per km with no deduction.
This is correct and will not be changed.
For service travels (courses and meetings), however, the rate is NOK 3.50 per km / 4.10 per km, of which the last NOK 0,60 are subject to deduction. It is these NOK 0.60 per km which have not been paid out and taxed. These rates have been changed since 01.01.16.
MDN will still claim, according to the Collective Agreement, that the individual basically make use of public transport, but agreements may be agreed on an individual basis regarding the use of private cars. The company will ensure that correct rates will be updated in the system. 

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