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Siden 14 mars 2013
MAF Info
Info following monthly meeting with the company from 13.december
An info relevant to courses for medics, resource pool, compensation for traveling expences, PFA, welding course for Eng Mech and meetings at heliport.

AMLS and PHTLS courses for Medics
We have discussed compensation for the two courses and the likelyhood that it is expected that Medics should be able to find the time to complete the interactive part during their working hours (30 hours per course).
The company has now entered into dialogue with ISOS (BHT) to evaluate options for alternative ways to complete the courses. But, so far, they maintain the current practice of compensating only for the 8 hours that take place at the training center, and that the interactive part must therefore be carried out during the working hours.
The matter will be followed up.
Resource pool and use of temporary manning
We are aware that there is still a great deal of pressure on the resource pool and a very high level of temporary employment.
We have requested the company to re-employ/recruit personnel in the positions most needed. However, we are most likely to face downsizing when Innovator leaves the NCS in 2018, and therefore we are uncertain whether it is equally beneficial for anyone offered re-employment for such a short period of time. As it will mean that those who, because of current employment conditions or otherwise, choose to waive the position offered, thus losing their right to re-employment. A right that will be moore beneficial to the individual if there would be new jobs on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in the near future.
Travel compensation for courses in the United States
We are still not agreed with the company on compensation for the long travel time to the courses currently arranged in Houston. The dialogue continues.

Taxation in Denmark of the PFA pension (profit)
We are still awaiting a response from the corporate tax advisors at Deloitte. Before a possible agreement may be reached, the company wishes to clarify whether such payments may trigger a taxation of profits in Norway.

Welding course for Eng Mech
The company has recommended to the "Training and Resource Pool" that the position Eng Mech no longer needs a welding certificate (G4). We had really hoped for a clarification in the case, but the planned meeting by the group was canceled due to the tragic incident on Maersk Interceptor.

Meetings at the heliport
In recent weeks, MAF has been visiting at the heliport and has mainly met with those travelling offshore, but also some of you who have returned from the rig.
We think this is very rewarding as we experience that there are several who have neither seen nor met us before. One goal must be to meet everyone going offshore. So, eventually we will see you in 2018.

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