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Siden 14 mars 2013
MAF info
About 70 dismissals offshore
The main reason is that the rig Maersk Reacher is out of work after termination of current contract during the month of July.

During the last week MAF has been in discussions with Maersk Drilling Norway AS (MDN).
It is highly regrettable that we now have to carry out yet another round of dismissals in the company.
In autumn 2015 there were about 150 employees who lost their jobs in the company. Presently it looks like we have to say good bye to about 70 new MDN employees working offshore.
As the company states in their info the main reasons for the current dismissals are:

• Maersk Inspirer starts P&A at Volve for Statoil during summer of 2016
• Maersk Reacher expected to comple the current contract with BP Norway AS.
• Competence group will be adjusted according to a lower level of activity.
• Minor adjustments to the organizational set-up and return of personnel from temporary foreign assignment.

The attached protocol between MDN / MAF describes the situation in more detail. MDN's "Extra Newsletter" is also enclosed.

As stated in the protocol regarding the process for employees that are considered redundant:

Individual deliberations
When these discussions are completed the company will conduct individual discussions with each individual employee pursuant to WEA § 15-1. The parties agree that notice of meeting for deliberations may be sent by mail, with telephone follow-up. It is also understood that if an employee does not want / have the opportunity to meet at the office this may be carried out via telephone.
The company envisages that individual deliberations will be completed in April 2016. The final decision will be taken subsequently, and termination letter will be sent to the affected employees by the end of the month”

MAF will be assisting all members at these meetings. These so-called "15.1 meetings" may be in person or by telephone.


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