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Information related to Collective Agreement Section 3.7 (The right to disembark in ones leisure time), Rig administrator on Maersk Inspirer, Updating of the protocols and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Now with update from MDN!


Collective Agreement Section 3.7 The right to disembark in ones leisure time.

This applies for the period that Maersk Interceptor and Maersk Integrator laid in Åmøyfjorden, and problems regarding the fact that employees did not disembark due to the preparedness function aboard. What this means is that if an employee was asked to remain onboard in their leisure time, and had an emergency function, he/she should be compensated NOK 50, - per hour for the time he/she is not at work on the rig.
It was agreed upon that everyone should submit their claims via MAF, in accordance with 3.7. This proved to be difficult to coordinate and manage. MDN has now taken over the management of this case. Therefore everyone who has submitted claims through MAF, must now contact MDN directly. This also means that everyone who is entitled to compensation MUST submit their claim once more.
The company will soon give information about how to do this.
We will of course publish this information on our website as soon as we receive it.
Here comes info about how to do this from MDN:
Ref. Union agreement section 3.7: The right to go ashore during leisure time:
During the unit's stay in port or at other secure anchorage when at yard and in lay-up
close to shore, an employee has the right to go ashore during his leisure time unless
he is required to stay on board for the safety of the persons on board, the vessel or the
equipment, to carry out necessary work on board, or due to the forthcoming departure
or shifting of the unit, or as a result of instructions from the authorities. If an employee
is instructed to stay on board during his leisure time for reasons other than his own
situation, or as a result of regulations laid down by public authority, he is entitled to a
compensation of NOK 50,- pr. hour.
Compensation in connection with yard stay for Maersk Interceptor and Maersk Integrator has not been disbursed.
Personnel who mean they are entitled to this in accordance with section above, must send an e-mail to their HR coordinator at that time, no later than March 1st, 2016.
If the company has not received the claim within the deadline the employee is not entitled to said compensation. Please inform of dates and state number of hours you require compensation for.
In addition, the employee is asked to write a brief statement as to why he or she is entitled this compensation.
E-mail must be sent to:
Maersk Integrator: Lars Meling (Lars.Meling@maerskdrilling.com)
Maersk Interceptor: Anny Rustad (Anny.Victoria.Rustad@maerskdriling.com)
Personnel with individually based salaries are not entitled to this compensation according to Union agreement, section 4.1.
Rig administrator on Maersk Inspirer
This position / function will in the future be taken over by the Central Control Room (CCR). This means that as long as we are in production mode, and has staffed CCR, this function will be present. The company has a plan for this to take effect at the start of Q2 2016. MAF has a clear intention that no one should lose their jobs as a result of this, and are currently discussing the issue with the company.

Updating of the protocols

We have had some constructive meetings with the company, where we have focused on updating our internal agreements in general. The agreement about the practice of leave provisions is soon finished. This agreement which is a combination of the working environment act, the collective agreement, and local agreements, will hereinafter be continuously updated.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

On behalf of MAF, AU wishes everyone a merry Christmas and happy new year.
It has been a year filled with challenges. AU would like to thank all shop stewards/company shop stewards for their efforts in the segregated year.
Remember that the board election is ongoing, use your vote.
Best regards,
Frode, Jørn, Bår and Elisabeth

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