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MAF info
MAF general information
Some information related to Guardian, Giant, redundancies and rotations.

Guardian terminates contract, moves to Frederikshavn (DK).
As you will know, all attempts to sign any new contract for "Guardian" in the Norwegian sector have failed. This means that the rig is "handed back to the owners" with the result that rig is moved to Denmark, specifically to Fredrikshavn.
MAF (Maersk Employee Association) and MDN (Maersk Drilling Norway) has since agreed that personnel on board when the rig is in transit, will stay onboard the rig until it is finally returned to the owners.
If this entails additional taxation, MDN provides a tax guarantee equivalent to the guarantee given during the yard stay in Denmark for MDN employees.
So, we hope to see good old "Guardian" back in the Norwegian sector once again.

Giant has been awarded a contract in Denmark
This is probably old news, but Giant will be moved to Denmark where the rig has been awarded a contract of about 150 days.
How and when the rig changes location is not yet known.
We hope to welcome Giant back again.

As you all will know, related to that the Giant and Guardian will terminate their contracts in Norway mass dismissals have been carried out in MDN. We will not conceal that the process has been demanding. More than 140 so called "§15-1meetings” (mandatory discussion before decision on dismissal) with employees who the company considered redundant. There have been a lot of questions, on e-mail and by phone. MAF has done their utmost to respond, and we feel that most members have been satisfied with the answers we have given them.
Regarding our homepage related to information about all the redundancies, perhaps we should have informed more. We have been of the perception that MDN had the responsibility for information because they possess all the information related to the process.
In total it sadly ended up 160 dismissals.

As part of the dismissals there will be a number of rotations ahead of personnel on the rigs. The Crew-lists are expected to be completed during this week.


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