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Dismissals 2015
Information about your right to unemployment benefits in UK and Norway.
If it came down to a mass dismissal the employer has to inform Nav of the situation and they have to provide you with a form PD U1/N-301 that allows you to claim benefits from your home nation, you need that to show the Uk you have been paying into the Norwegian system and that then allows you to still qualify for benefits in the UK. 
How to apply (PD U1):

You are not entitled to benefits from Norway, unless you are residing or staying in Norway and being an active job seeker.  

To qualify for unemployment benefits in Norway:
This is only a small part of the total content. Therefore you must follow this link here to get the entire information.

If you have residence or are staying in Norway and are actively seeking jobs, you can get unemployment benefits in Norway.

The main requirements for being eligible for unemployment benefit is that you:
  • have had your working hours reduced by at least half (50 percent)
  • have had a minimum income from paid work amounting to at least 1.5 times the National Insurance basic amount (G) during the previous twelve months or at least 3 times the basic amount during the previous three calendar years.
  • are registered as a job seeker and submit your employment status form every 14 days
  • are a genuine job seeker
  • are living or staying in Norway
When can you apply?
The earliest you can submit your claim for unemployment benefit is one week before the first day on which you become totally or partially unemployed.

It is important that you do not submit your application too early, as it may be rejected.

How much can you receive in unemployment benefit:
Unemployment benefit is calculated on the basis of your earned income and any national insurance benefits you received last year (or the average of the last three years prior to applying for unemployment benefit). Unemployment benefit payments equal approx. 62.4 percent of your gross income. Any income in excess of 6 G or lump-sum grant paid in connection with the birth of a child is not included in the basis on which unemployment benefit is calculated.

How to register:
If you are to seek unemployment benefits you must first be registered as a jobseeker. You will find a separate claim form regarding unemployment benefits on nav.no. There is also information about which attachments that is required, and how to submit your application. There is a separate application process for unemployment benefits. It is not sufficient to register as a jobseeker. To receive unemployment benefits, you must be an active jobseeker and apply for vacancies.

Follow link to register: (Norwegian language only)
https://tjenester.nav.no/sbl/arbeid/registrering?execution=e1s1 (Norwegian language only)

Job seeking in Norway:
If you are a foreign jobseeker wishing to work in Norway, you are probably wondering where to start. Where can you find vacant positions? You will find good information on nav.no that can help you.

To get unemployment benefits transferred to the UK:
If you have received benefits from Norway for at least four weeks, then you can apply for unemployment benefits transferred to the UK for up to 3 months.  You will need an attest PD U2.

How to apply (PD U2):

It’s important to remember that you cannot travel until you have been issued the PD U2 certificate (or that a SED U008 have been issued to the country you are travelling to). If you travel before receiving the certificate, you lose the right to transfer the Norwegian benefits.

Ask NAV:
Remember you can always log on to NAV by use of your Norwegian identity number, and ask any questions about your rights https://www.nav.no/en/Home
Here you will also find a lot useful information.

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