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180-190 individuals considered to be given notice in Maersk Drilling Norway
Discussions have been carried out between MAF and MDN.
Mærsk Giant and Maersk Guardian are terminating their contracts and Mærsk Gallant will be changing the contract.

It is very regrettable that someone loses their job, but at the present situation it is unfortunately not to be avoided.

Mærsk Giant will be off contract in September, Maersk Guardian will terminate the contract in October. Mærsk Gallant enters a new contract in September and the new client does not want to pay for the present crew.

Employees encompassed by this downsizing will be notified by MDN in the near future.
The seniority principle is mainly being applied for selection. MAF is in possession of all the lists, but each individual who have questions must contact the HR department for specific questions.

MAF will be at hand to all members at any individual discussions with the company, the so-called WEA § 15.1 meetings.

A lot of people will, due to the dismissals, have to change position and be moved to other units. This turn-around is presently being processed by the company.

Once again, this is a very unfortunate situation.

- Attached you will find the Minutes of discussion of June 22, 2015


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2015-06-22 Discussions concerning dismissals in connection with termination of contracts in Norway for Maersk Giant and Maersk Guardian, and downsizing of extra personnel on Maersk Galant

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