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Siden 14 mars 2013
Tariff negotiations 2015
What is presently going on? Status update
During the last week we have informed on the process taken place before a possible industrial conflict is initiated, now we tell on.... 

During the last week we have informed on the process taken place before a possible industrial conflict is initiated. You may find the information at the following address:

In the aftermath of this information, a complete list of units that may be directly affected by the labor conflict is released. You may find the list at the following address:

At the same time MAF was summoned for discussions on a conditional notice of layoffs for offshore employees that will be affected by a possible conflict. The notice may be found at the following address:

In each company a local protocol regulating the size and composition of the safety crew shall be established. For MDN the protocol is to be found at the following address: http://www.mafsiden.no/modules/m02/article.aspx?CatId=69&ArtId=757

At present, Tuesday 2 June at 10:00 hrs, we do not know when the negotiations at the National mediator will take place, but most likely within 1-3 weeks from this date.

And what happens if an industrial action is initiated?

We will try to refresh a bit. These are our thoughts at the moment. (Some are of course withheld as our counterpart in negotiations is of course reading this information.)

Let us start with some facts.
The Industri Energi (IE) negotiating team is appointed by the board and consists of about 30 people. MAF is represented by 3 persons; Frode Larsen, Jørn B Hansen and Bår Inge Pedersen.
2015 is an adjustment regulation of the Collective Agreement, so at the settlement this year we negotiate on adjustment of rates in the CA only. If it had been possible to negotiate on pensions, we had of course done so. But due to upcoming changes to the Pension Insurance for Seamen, where we actually do not know the outcome, we need to know the facts before we initiate negotiations with the employers.
We started and terminated the negotiations at the same day, Thursday May 2. We were offered nothing at all.
So, we know the present status by reading the information presented above.

Until the date the National mediator sets, nothing happens. Of course there is information submitted to members, media coverage and some “power struggle” in the press both from our and the employers side, quite naturally of course.

But, when it comes to the date the National mediator decides and sets for negotiations, nothing takes place. If we do not reach an agreement, the following occurs (now we inform on what is happening with us in MDN):

• Immediately the crew on «Giant» shall start the shutdown procedure for the rig. Documents, plans for the shutdown shall be submitted to the Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA). This may take anything from hours to days.

• Once this is done the reductions of the workforce will start with the object to get down to safety crew manning. Who specifically will be part of this workforce should be prepared in advance. This may take anywhere from hours / days

• Those who are sent ashore, either due to the fact that they are on strike or being laid off by the company, will receive some compensation from IE. Presently the amount is not yet determined by IE centrally.

• Those who actually were supposed to go offshore to work, but not being part of the safety crew will also receive the compensation from IE.

• Personnel on their leisure period (4 weeks) will receive their salary from the company as normal.

For all other units operated by MDN there is not issued any notice of collective dismissal (industrial action). The fact that the company has chosen to issue a conditional notice of layoff for all offshore employees makes MAF wonder why, perhaps they have a plan not submitted to us. It may be they expect us to expand the strike or that they themselves would make use of their own means of power – lockout.

There are certainly many questions that eventually pop-up. MAF will do their best to keep you updated throughout the whole process. Then we will add. The crew on “Maersk Giant” is by now in this present situation particularly affected by the potential conflict. We receive many inquiries from them and we will answer all inquiries as rapidly as possible. This may result that some cases have to be put slightly “on hold”, we apologize for the inconvenience. The issues that we were supposed to attend to with MDN at the monthly meetings are suspended indefinitely, until there is a solution in the settlements.

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