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MAF Info
MAF general information
This is an info cencerning "Warning Letter", "Renewal of certificates acc. to STCW", "Apprentices 2015", "Manning in the safety service", "International SOS" and "Preshift meetings".
Warning Letter
It has recently been issued a significant increase in number of warning letters from the company to individuals. The majority of the warnings is related to mistakes made by individuals in connection with working operations.
Should you get into a situation where any warning is involved, we recommend that you make contact with a shop steward on board. They may guide and advise and possibly confer with us in MAF central. If you are summoned to your manager on board you are entitled to bring along a shop steward. If the meeting is convened onshore, MAF is willingly to attend and assist.

Renewal of certificates acc. to STCW
MAF has had some inquiries in connection with the renewal of certificates acc. STCW (The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers). The inquiries is related to questions on requirements to the certificates and any compensation for courses necessary.
MDN is currently investigating with Søfartsstyrelsen in Denmark with regard to what is the actual requirements and what practice on the rigs is required. MDN has submitted the job descriptions for the various positions we have on the rigs.
It is the Søfartsstyrelsen in Denmark who make the most stringent requirements.
NR (Norwegian Shipowners’ Association) is in dialogue with the Norwegian Maritime Directorate regarding the requirements of Norwegian certificates.
Before we can give any final answers the above subjects must be examined. Any compensation must be viewed in the context of the response we get from the respective directorates in Norway and Denmark.

Apprentices 2015
MDN accepts 30 trainees this year, starting in autumn 2015. These are all apprentices from Level 2 Well Technology. This is very gratifying and MAF very much appreciate the company’s policy on apprenticeships. Knowing that MDN takes on half of all apprentices from Level 2 Well Technology that receive apprenticeship, makes it even a greater cause for applause, well done MDN!

Manning in the safety service
We have been very fortunate that the company has provided the safety service with an extra position during recent years.
The last 14 months this position has been held by Robert Holmen.
In these times of propensity to save the company has decided that this extra resource is withdrawn and that means that Anders Blom is then left alone in the safety services onshore from 1 July 2015.
The local union does not agree with that this position is removed.
We are not entitled to back our claim through the Collective Agreement, and then the result is given by the Company’s management perogative.
Anyway, we thank Robert Holmen for the work that he has laid down, and wish him all the best as Safety Officer at Maersk Integrator.

International SOS
This is a company that presently constitutes our occupational health service. Maersk has a global agreement that this firm also will support the rigs with medics.
As a result this acctually means that all our medics will be transferred to this company, also in Norway.
Here it may clearly be said that we did not agree with the company.
There has been held meetings on the subject, where MAF along with three medics have presented our points of view on the matter.
We are though,in a constructive dialogue with the company, but no decision is made in Copenhagen.
We are pending answers and will revert with more info as soon as we know something.

Preshift meetings
MAF is approached by members on the subject of the management at several rigs makes up their own rules for how preshift / handover meetings are supposed to be performed.

Please note that if there are no compensations for participation, these meetings is to be regarded as voluntary. We have brought this matter up with the company, and the management should inform on the voluntary basis to participate.

That is why MAF again notes that the Collective Agreement section 8 is to be adhered to.
For imposed meetings on board beyond time necessary for consultation between workers at shift changes acc. To section 7 which only seldom may exceed 15 minutes per. shift change, should be compensated with overtime rate for the time spent.

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