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MAF Info
MAF general information
This is an info concerning "International SOS", "Hiring in from Danbor", "Crane Operator/Ass. Crane Operator", "Calculation of loss of leisure time", "Reviewing of local protocols" and "G4 welding certification".
International SOS
Earlier this year MDN informed that MD (Maersk Drilling) has appointed International SOS to deliver of medic services globally.
The agreement does not apply to Norway, but now MDN review the possibility that this may also be introduced here. The company has invited MAF to a meeting on the subject in January. MAF will meet with the Executive Board supplemented with 3 medics. Please note that the MAF is very critical of all forms of potential outsourcing!

Hiring in from Danbor
Occasionally Danbor has been hired in to Maersk. On these occasions we requested the wages and working conditions for this personnel.
The company checked this up and gave us their guarantees that the wages and working conditions were ok.
MAF believes pursuant to Appendix 5 of the Collective Agreement, that we are entitled the right to access this information.
MDN does not agree to this, and the parties continue to work on the issue.

Crane Operator / Ass. Crane Operator
The position of Assistant Crane Operator was promoted to the salary group C from 01.06.2014.
This means that those who were close to D6 were promoted into C4.
This was fair enough. The problems and discontent appeared when others who were promoted from D6 after this date was promoted directly into C6.

This is nothing we may do anything about, as the procedure is pursuant to the protocol and the provisions.

Then a new situation appeared when personnel who had been promoted to C4 were further promoted to Crane Operator with full responsibilities and so where entitled to be moved to Wage Group B. For those in C4 at the time should, according to provisions, be moved into B4.
Here the difference in wages is very apparent as the individual having the responsibility actually earns about NOK 1400,00 less than the individual who is placed in C6.

In meeting with the company MAF has suggested that personnel placed in the C4 and who get their promotion into Wage Group B, shall regain seniority to be placed in B6.
Obviously, the personnel in question must then already been in D6 and promoted to C4 at first.
The company will review the issue, and we are awaiting an answer.

Calculation of “loss of leisure time”
There has been some confusions about how to calculate lost leisure time pursuant to the Clause 3.4 of the Collective Agreement.
First we had to clarify this with our union (IE) and after some time we now have received final feedback. We have presented the result to MDN and we are now agreed on how to practice this Clause in the Collective Agreement within our company.
MAF has some unsolved issues on the subject, these will be now be attended to.

Reviewing of local protocols
MAF and MDN have the need to review some local protocols to update them to current legal requirements/agreements. Pursuant to this we will jointly review a number of protocols like the company protocol on seniority, course/training agreement, offshore employees working at the office/onshore, Driller Trainees, agreement for KHVO and safety representatives and agreement on passionate leave. We hope that most agreements are updated before the summer of 2015.

G4 welding certification
We find that many new employees in the position of Engine/Mechanic on the XLE rigs, but also some Mechanics/Welders on INN and INS, have some challenges to pass the G4 welding test required. We have for long been in consecutive dialog with the company about this issue. Therefore the compensation was increased so that up 10 days’ overtime compensation was granted for passing the G4 test. But we find it likely that many also will faitl the test in 10 days. The company is aware of the problem, and we follow up on the matter.

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