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Siden 14 mars 2013
General info
This is an info concerning MAF office, new MAF secretary, initiated courses, VO seminar, "Giant" as a hotel and new apprentices. 

Moving of the MAF office to Forus
We have for some time been in discussions about the move and it is now decided that we will move from Dusavik to Forus in September.
All e-mail addresses and telephone numbers will be the same.

New secretary at MAF 

August 1st Ranveig Gundersen started an educational leave for one year. We have now engaged Hanne Kluge at the office and we wish her a warm welcome.

Sick leave after started on courses 

If one were to report oneself sick, and go home after one has commenced a course, you are not entitled to claim compensation until you have passed the course. 
No matter if you later have to take the course from the beginning, or if you just need to finish the days missing, the compensation will be for the stated duration of the course.

VO seminar in autumn 2014

Today we learned that this seminar is not going to take place. 
This is due to the fact that there was too few who had signed up within the deadline. 
MAF may only regret this, as this seminar has been very good.

“MAERSK GIANT" to operate as a hotel at YME.
MAF and MDN today initiated discussions that hopefully will end up in a protocol that will regulate how this situation should be handled. We did not agree today. 
Next meeting will be at 20th of August.

New apprentices

MAF attended when 15 new apprentices started in MDN Monday, 11.08.14. 
14 were enrolled and one was previously accepted. 
New gathering will be 25.08.14.
Then 15 new ones will start their training.

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