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General info
This is an info which deals with International SOS, Yard Stay for "Intrepid" and welders on "Gallant".

International SOS 

An info which reads as follows has been submitted:
“Maersk Drilling has entered into a global agreement with International SOS, which means that onboard medical services going forward will be employed by International SOS.”

It was not long before we were approached. MDN has expressed that presently this does not apply to Norway, and that this info was not intended for the Norwegian organization.
All the same it is a pre-warning and MAF has made a clear statement that we are not going to accept any outsourcing of this position.

“Maersk Intrepid” to stay at repair yard in Ølen
The agreement is signed, and it is identical to other agreements related to stays at yards. 
The length of the yard stay is stipulated to about 50 days. Departure from Singapore was April 23. Transit time is estimated to be about 50-60 days.

Welders on "Mærsk Gallant"
Maersk is now finished with evaluation of ongoing and future welding activities.
On the basis of this report, they have decided to keep one position as welder that we have on Maersk Gallant.

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