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General info
This is an INFO that deals with many issues.
Payment for courses not passed 
For courses which require an exam it is demanded that you have passed before receiving the course allowance. Cost for course / travel / stay are covered by MDN in event of a "new" course.

BP WELS offshore logistic course
MAF and MDN are not agreed on how this course should be compensated. Thus, we have submitted the case to the respective organizations as a local dispute. The case concerns courses the Radio / Logistics Coordinators on board the “Maersk Reacher” have completed in their time off. Unfortunately, the case then will drag on somewhat in time.

”MÆRSK GALLANT”- yard stay protocol
The Agreement concerning the yard stay of "GALLANT" in Denmark is to be signed at the beginning of week 14 (this week). When the agreement is published MAF will present their comments.

Safety manning and downsizing of the work force at industrial actions
As per date we have such an agreement covering above situations related to the units presently operating in Norway. We have extended the agreement to include the four consecutive arriving new rigs. The agreement is posted at www.mafsiden.no.

Agreement on wages and working conditions when working on XLE1 in Singapore
The agreement will be extended to apply to "XLE2" and "XLE3". The agreement has been signed and is posted on www.mafsiden.no

This is a matter in an early stage, but it is a very important one.
Recently we have experienced that there are some of our apprentices who have been taken off from their offshore hitches for different reasons.
This might be due to that they have been taken off helicopter flights, to little bed capacity on the offshore units or being sent back home before end of offshore hitch due to lack of accommodation.
This in turn has caused that they have received reduced statutory training and so they will suffer ‘losses’ in their training.

We must review who is taking those seats and accommodation, and ensure that apprentices are given priority in the future.

What happens now is that this matter will be reported to the Industri Energi as an issue and we are trying to get the major participants from the oil companies to look at this.
MAF believes it is very important that the oil companies are made aware of this problem.
It would be a benefit to all if we got the same standards for all operators in the North Sea so that this issue will disappear.
MAF will revert with more information when we register that Industri Energi has processed the matter.

Work beyond the familiarization-hitch in Singapore
As a result of some delay on "Maersk Intrepid" more personnel will be offered to travel to Singapore to prepare for the transit, as well as perform OJT.
These personnel will be directly encompassed by the agreement entitled “Agreement on wages and working conditions when working on XLE 1, 2 & 3”.
This relates both to those who stay on in extension of their familiarization period and for those returning from home.

Protocol at www.mafsiden.no 

Welders on ”MÆRSK GALLANT”
MDN is still working on the survey on the welder jobs.
The final report is expected soon to be finished, and it will be of significance for which solution they will try to implement related to who will be welding on ”MÆRSK GALLANT” and what certificates will be needed.
MAF prefer that we retain at least one position for a full-time G6 welder which previously has been used.

Position as Motorman on G-rigs
As previously described MAF believe that this personnel are place in a wage group too low.
We are awaiting the last comments from MDN before we as soon as possible will forward our arguments to the permanent position committee. 
When the case is heard before the committee MAF will be represented.

Shipyard agreement for ”MAERSK INTREPID”
MDN and MAF are working to prepare a shipyard agreement ready to be implemented when Intrepid arrives.
The stay at shipyard probably in Norway, is estimated to be approx. 50 days.

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