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Siden 14 mars 2013
Wage settlement in 2014
Process of the collective settlement
Here follows a description on how the preparation and negotiations are carried out in the main wage settlement for employees offshore covered by the NSA Collective Agreement for mobile offshore units.
This is just a short summary of how a wage settlement is performed from start to end. I could probably have written page up / down if I were to inform of all the details.
The present summary is related to how we in MAF / IE attend to the subject.
Initially I would like to inform that this year, 2014, it is a so-called main settlement that would take place. This means that it is the content of the first part of the ‘pink book’ that is subjected to negotiations.
Here is the chronological sequence:
  • At the MAF Annual General Meeting the claims for the settlement, improvements and changes to the CA, are decided. In turn these are submitted to IE central (February 8 2014).
  • All IE local branches encompassed by the scope of the NSA Collective Agreement will convene at a tariff conference to present their individual claims (29 April 2014). The claims are coordinated and joint priorities are decided.
  • The actual negotiation starts at the premises of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association in Oslo 26 May 2014. Basically, these negotiations are supposed to be completed during May 28.
  • If no consensus is obtained at the meeting on May 26–28 it means that there is a breakdown in the settlement and the issue is submitted to administration of the National Mediator who in turn will set a date for mediation (normally 3-6 weeks after the breakdown).
  • If no result is obtained during mediation at the State Mediator's office in Oslo it will normally be legally right to go on strike from the end of the last day of mediation. Prior to the mediation an industrial action (strike) is announced for some individual offshore units (determined by IE).

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