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General info
Info on: Apprentices, Safety manning and reductions in the workforce at industrial actions, Stay in dockyard for Mærsk Gallant, Ongoing survey on the welder position and position of Motorman on the G-rigs.

We have received a lot of feedback that there is no room for apprentices onboard or that the seat capacity of the helicopters does not allow that our trainees come out to the correct unit at the right time. We have now confronted the company accordingly.
MDN confirms that this has been an issue lately, but emphasizes that apprentices should be given priority with regard to transport to the unit and berth onboard.
MAF observes that the challenges maybe related to the customers need for capacity on the rigs and helicopters. The company has presently attended the issue.

Safety manning and downsizing of the work force at industrial actions
We have to establish an agreement on safety manning and reduction of the work force in event of labor disputes. We currently have agreements regulating this with the offshore units operating in Norway, but we have to extend the agreements to include the XLE rigs as well. Work is being made on the subject and we expect that such a protocol will be finished before May 2014.

Mærsk Gallant, Stay in shipyard
Mærsk Gallant is heading for Odense Staalskibsvaerft (often named the Lindø yard) for upgrading and classification.
We have been informed that the date of transit set for April 7, 6 days in transit and then to stay at the yard for 74 days.
We are agreed with the company on the main items in an agreement for the stay, and we hope to sign within the next meeting in March.
The company is presently working on a new info related to taxation of the personnel who are will be working on the rig during the stay at the yard.
The info on the subject will be submitted when finished.
Since work will be carried out within the living quarters, hotel will be used during most part of the stay in Denmark.
It is hotel "Sorte Kilde" which is selected.  

Survey of the welder position is ongoing.
MDN is working on a survey on how many jobs on our rigs which are required to be carried out by a welder holding a G4 or G6 certificate.
MAF follows this project with a special interest on Maersk Gallant, where we right now are discussing whether there should still be a permanent position for a G6 welder onboard.

Position of Motorman on G-rigs
MAF is of the opinion that the Motorman on G-rigs is doing the same work and has the same responsibility as the Engine Responsible on I-rigs. 
We therefore believe that they are placed in a wage group too low,  
MAF has submitted their argumentation to MDN, and this will be handed over to the Fixed Position Committee as soon as possible.

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