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General info
Info on: insurance, workforce reduction "Inspirer", protocol for working in Singapore, Mech / welder, BP WELS, new positions XLE rigs and taxes.

Information on insurance
Some employees now have got access to their insurance schemes through the "gateway" as described in the last info. When all employees have received the correct access we will put up a link on our website.
With reference to the travel insurance scheme, we once again will underline that this applies to all employees regardless of residency. There have been some inquiries to MAF about the subject.
Downsizing of manning for "Maersk Inspirer"
As you are aware of, Statoil announced stop in drilling on the rig. Presently it is not yet decided when the downsizing will start. Last rumors tell ultimo January or end of March 2014.
MAF and MDN are in dialogue on a workforce reduction protocol and we will have this ready well ahead of downsizing.
Protocol related to personnel who will be working in Singapore.
This protocol has now been established and posted on the website under "Protocols". This will involve about 12 people, including senior personnel.
Position as Welder on the Maersk Gallant.

The company intends to quit the position as welder on the Maersk Gallant, and instead use contracted personnel.
MAF sees this type of outsourcing as a breach the affiliation agreement clause 3.1.
MAF believes that there is still a need for at least one position on board that holds a G6 welding certificate, to attend to ongoing repairs that constantly occur on a rig of older date.
This in addition to contracted personnel who there still will be need for related to ongoing projects.
Salary for position as Mech/Welder.
It was brought before the board of the local branch that Mech / Welders are used to relieve in the engine room, and take on responsibility for this the same way as Engine Room Operators.
The question of whether they thereby are entitled to wages in group A was taken up with the company.
The company has now studied the matter, and they confirm that the job description for Mech / Welder opens up for the possibility that they may well relieve in the higher position, but the company does not require this.
Moreover, the company now has learned that not all Mech / Welders are used in the engine room. The company therefore finds no reason to promote the position as Mech / Welder up into a higher wage group.
However, they would neither change the job description for Mech / Welder, thus preventing the present possibility that exists, for those who should have ambitions to relieve in the engine room.
But they point out that this takes place on a voluntary basis from the Mech / Welders side, and by consent of the individual manager's side.
MAF takes this into account.
BP WELS offshore logistics courses.
Some Rig Administrators and Logistics Coordinators who have attended this mandatory course have not been compensated pursuant to clause 9.2 of the Collective Agreement.
The company believes that the course does not have to be compensated with 8 hours of overtime pay due the short duration of the course, and because the participants have traveled offshore on the same day.
MAF on the other hand thinks that the course should be fully compensated because the company has not made ​​any other agreement with us.
The case will be settled later.
New positions on XLE that have been processed by the Fixed Position Committee.
There have been established two new positions on the XLE rigs.
This is Operator Technical (OT) and Operator Drilling (OD).
Initially it was intended that these positions should be possessed by the Maintenance Engineer and the Assistant Driller positions.
The job descriptions were prepared for both, and it soon became clear to MAF that the qualifications would be lower. MAF believed that both positions were comparable with the Control Room Operator position, a position that is known from the Collective Agreement and that is rated in the group A. MAF's role in this case was to present input on what the position should contain and try to visualize what line of work they actually should carry out in the position.
In these matters it is not so that we negotiate, but we may present input to the company.
So, how are these positions be paid?
First, some explanation:
The Fixed Position Committee comprises representatives from the NSA, SAFE, DSO and IE roughly. Additionally, representatives from management and employees from the individual company concerned may provide input to the committee.
The committee processes any new positions that our creative employers come up with
MDN presented a recommendation that OT would be paid according to Salary group A and OD would be paid in Salary group B.
MAF did not not agree to this being of the opinion that both positions should be remunerated in the same wage group. MAF believed and still believes that the positions are to be regarded as a Control Room position for both, and presented every task that this position involved in addition to that they were responsible for their respective areas on the rig.
The Fixed Position Committee decided according to the recommendations of the company but that the position of OD could be promoted to salary group A if it turned out that the position was more extensive than what was stated in the / job description. It is difficult to come up with new input in the case when we have not tested out these positions on the rig yet.
MAF was not agreed, but had to take the decision into consideration.

Tax on work outside of Norway.
MAF had entered into ​​an agreement that would take into account that one should not pay additional tax when working at the shipyard in Denmark in 2012. New tax regulations resulted in that this was not as simple as at previous stay at the shipyard.
So, there have been some confusions regarding deduction of social security dues that MDN had not paid and accordingly resulted in that many got tax arrears. These matters are hopefully in place by now.
Also, we have been contacted by members who claim to have suffered losses due to changes in the foreign currency exchange rate and interest rates.
These changes the company is not willing to compensate.


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