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Info on: Drilling well control room, changes in work schedules, insurance, employment in Singapore, video surveillance and downsizing of personnel.
Drilling well Control Room XLE 1 – Processing in the Fixed Position Committee.

MAF has received a number of proposals to job descriptions in recent months. This applies to personnel who will be working in the "new" control room aboard the XLE-1. It now looks as if the company submits proposals to "the Permanent Position Committee" for a decision. Amongst others they shall consider the pay grade. The company is naming the positions "Operator Drilling" and "Technical Operator". MDN believes that the position "Operator Drilling" shall be remunerated in group B and the "Technical Operator" position in Group A.
MAF are going to recommend that the positions are remunerated in the same wage group. "The Fixed Position Committee" to arrange their next meeting on 14th November 2013. The Committee is described in Section 4.1.5 in the Collective Agreement:

4.1.5 Permanent Position Committee
It will be established a permanent Committee of one representative with a substitute representative from each of the employee's organisations that have collective agreement with wage matrices that can include the actual position/positions, and up to three representatives with substitute representatives from NSA.

The Committee shall consider the determination of new positions. If one or several of the employee's organisations do not come to an agreement with NSA's representatives, the organisation can make use of the Committee in accordance with item 4.1.4.

To avoid companies paying employees in another position than in the position the person should have been paid according to the work the person is doing, the parties agree upon that the Committee also can discuss the content of the positions in the position matrices.

Such issues shall be intended solved locally in the company within the frames of the collective agreement and position descriptions. If the parties do not agree or one of the organisations can point out that the collective agreement not has been followed, a meeting in the Committee can be claimed. Meeting will however not be held if the company at once stop the use of the position or use a correct description according to the agreement, and this is acceptable in accordance to the position instruction.

Change of work schedules 

MAF have a number of issues being considered by the IE (Industri Energi) related to change of work rotation. This has probably a natural explanation since many employees are changing shifts / rigs these days. MAF does not agree with the company on how this is to be compensated. MAF is of the opinion that other companies probably are struggling with the same problem. MAF will bring this subject before the other shop stewards represented in the so-called "NR-Forum" (a forum which meets at least two times a year and in which up to 2 representatives from each local branch of Industri Energi will attend).
We also have an issue related to temporary change of the period on board. In this case we totally disagree with the company. The case will be continued as an official dispute for elaboration by the respective central organisations.
Insurance Information

MAF has been in contact with several members who believe that information on the insurance schemes we have as employees of the company are not satisfactory. We have informed MDN on the status and they now report that work is already initiated to establish a "portal" where each employee may log on to and obtain "popular" information as well as detailed descriptions of the collective benefits that you have as an employee.
MAF has seen the draft for this portal and believes it looks very promising. MDN says that this portal is expected to be available in November 2013.

Protocol for personnel working in Singapore

The company would like to establish a protocol involving the conditions for the personnel who will be staying more than 14 days in Singapore. This has nothing to do with "familiarization protocol" to do and involves mainly the "senior personnel" (about 18 people). We will negotiate further with the company on this matter and hope for a solution shortly.
Video surveillance on board the "MAERSK REACHER"

MAF has, after requests from members, asked MDN to provide information about how the camera surveillance on board the "Reacher" is put into practice. Who has access, how long will the collected data be stored etc.
Rig Manager (RM) gave a briefing on the practice onboard. We agreed at the meeting that the RM and OIM together will be the "responsible data controller" pursuant to the Privacy Act § 39 and § 40. This means that no one else can enter the system and retrieve recordings without permission from RM and OIM. RM will ensure that this is implemented on the rig immediately. Meanwhile taken the matter is brought before S-AMU which will prepare guidelines for CCTV with or without recording function, on MDN operated offshore units.
Workforce reductions "MAERSK INSPIRER "

Statoil has notified stop in drilling on the "MAERSK INSPIRER" from mid-December 2013. In this regard, there will be a downsizing of personnel to "production mode”.
The company has promised that there will be no layoffs pursuant to this downsizing. We are currently negotiating on how to go about this and hope for a solution at the next meeting in November 7.

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