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Siden 14 mars 2013
Waiting time
Compensation for waiting time at departure going offshore
When are you actually entitled to compensation for waiting time at delayed departure?
Now MAF and MDN agree on how this is to be compensated. 

We have received several issues on this topic after the Collective Agreement was amended on 1 June 2012. In the "new" Agreement it is stated:

3.3 Period on board

Waiting time (leisure time) on board the unit, when work is not carried out is to be paid for by the hourly rate (monthly wage/146) per hour. Waiting time is calculated from the time fixed for departure, or after 14 days from the time the period on board started. Brief interruptions in the period on board are calculated as part of the period on board. Leisure period lost is thus settled. In connection with waiting time at heliport of more than 1 hour in excess of normal departure (due to late helicopter departure) is to be compensated for per hour by the hourly rate, calculated from the time of scheduled helicopter departure. When waiting time at heliport occurs during what should have been working hours on the shelf, and/or when someone is sent to hotel/home from heliport, the waiting time payment is suspended from the time of check in at hotel or arrival at home and until departure from hotel/home.
It is clear that if the helicopter is delayed for more than 1 hour beyond the normal time of departure, you are entitled to compensation for waiting time from the planned time of helicopter departure.

This has not been a problem with the issues we have had with the company, however it is essential to be aware.
It is a challenge for sure to get you to a hotel / home if the helicopter is canceled or delayed for many hours. In most cases the helicopter is canceled and a new time of departure will be scheduled the next day. Then the problems start, if I may say so.
“Day 1”
Let us take "day 1" as I will call it. It is the day you were supposed to go offshore.
If the helicopter departure is moved a few hours ahead in time, you are entitled to compensation for waiting time from the first scheduled time of departure to the actual time of departure. However, there is an issue to this. If you are supposed to have been working on the rig at the time you are actually waiting, then you are not entitled to compensation.
In most cases you will be sent to the hotel or home "day 1". Then you are entitled to compensation for waiting time from the scheduled departure of the helicopter until you check in at the hotel / home. Again l must remind you that if you were supposed to be working on the rig at the actual time of waiting, then you are not entitled to any compensation.
“DAY 2”
Now we move to “day 2”, here comes the real challenges. However, we now agree with the company how this will be compensated.
From time of checking out of the hotel / home you are entitled to compensation waiting time until the actual helicopter departure. But you should note 2 things, and this is important.
All MDN personnel have the opportunity to book a day-room. This you are supposed to arrange yourself. That means that you do not need to check out of hotel latest by 12:00 hours, as usually is the standard when staying at a hotel.
Generally you will be notified of the time for check in for helicopter "day 2". Then you take the time for transport from hotel into account and check out from hotel accordingly. For example, you should check out from the hotel 1 hour before the check in at the heliport if you stay at Residence in Sandnes. In the example mentioned in the last sentence, you will then be entitled to two hours compensation for waiting time, if the helicopter departs 1 hour after check in at the heliport. If there is someone who would rather attempt to check out of the hotel earlier and then claim compensation for waiting time for more hours, this will not be justified.
It might happen that the hotel may not be able to offer you a day-room. In that case you must contact MDN and ask for a solution. If it is not possible to provide a day-room, then you will be entitled to compensation for waiting time from the time of check out from hotel.
The second thing you should notice, I have already stated under the "DAY 1", if you were supposed to be working on the rig at the actual time you are waiting, then you are not entitled to any compensation.
"DAY 3 etc"

If you need to stay beyond the "Day 2", the same rule as the "Day 2" applies.
Remind you that you are acquiring wages, compensation for holidays and leisure period as if you have been working on the installation according to work schedule. No night shift allowance (19-07) is to be paid before you actually work nights on the installation.
I hope this was instructive.

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