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General info
Info on CETOP2 training, collective agreement paragraph 4.2.3, course-rescue in the height and negotiations on working conditions for personnel related to the start-up of XLE-rigs. 
CETOP 2 training
We have previously informed about CETOP2 training for hydraulic personnel. There has been a lot of back and forth, but MAF has claimed, and still believe that this training should be compensated with overtime allowance. We hope that the final decision will be made in week 20. The key point is whether to receive overtime compensation if you start doing the first week (H1). Week 2 and 3 are compensated with overtime pay, this is agreed with the MDN. If we do not agree on H1, then presumably our union and NSA will have to decide the issue.

Here follows some info on the training. MAF presented this on our web pages by the end of 2012:

This training which takes place in Kristiansand has been approved at the same level as CETOP2.
The training is carried out in three modules, H1, H2 and H3.
Those who need to do this training must conduct a test in order to check out if you need to take on all 3 modules, or if you just need to do H2 and H3. The company reports that everyone has not yet finished the test. We will from MAF's side like to encourage everyone to do the test, so we can clarify how many people who are required to take on all 3 modules.
There has been some disagreement about the compensation for the courses. MAF believes that all three modules are "mandatory" and therefore should be compensated accordingly.
The company believes that only H2 and H3 are justified for overtime compensation.
MAF maintains their point of view and will pursue the matter further.

Collective Agreement paragraph 4.2.3
MAF has always and will always be concerned about clear lines related to payments etc. We were uncertain whether MDN is making use of the collective agreement paragraph 4.2.3 (competence allowance), thus we requested such information. The information we received was very reassuring. One position only is admitted this allowance, and all personnel holding the position is compensated equal allowance.
MAF has previously requested an adjustment of this supplement, which has been known for MAF for many years. We will bring this up with the MDN in week 20.

Course - rescue in the height
MAF received inquiries from "Reacher" regarding a course which the Ass. Crane Operator / Crane Operator had to undergo. The course is a pilot project which is carried out on board the "Reacher" and provides training in rescue in the height. This course is conducted on board the rig, in the first instance. The training course is in accordance with the OLF guidelines 113.
It is the "Training and Competence Committee" who have decided the pilot project to be implemented and the evaluation will probably tell something about a possible recommendation that other rigs should have the same training. The matter has also been discussed in the WEC on the Reacher.
Some have asked whether this entitles the right to any compensation of competence, in the line of the "inconvenient allowance for Smoke Divers".
MAF are familiar with that this is not mentioned in the collective agreement and changes within the scope of the agreement may not be implemented until at least 2014, at the main wage settlement. We have nevertheless asked MDN for such compensation, but it has been rejected for the time being. Perhaps it will be more relevant to consider the issue if the other rigs adopt the training, whether this will be recommended by the "Training and Competence Committee".

The company further states that those who receive training outside of working hours, either on the rig or onshore, are compensated in accordance with the Collective Agreement. The intention is that people will be trained on the rig.

Agreement on working conditions for personnel in connection with start-up of the XLE rigs
MDN has requested an agreement to be established concerning working conditions for personnel related to the start-up of the XLE rigs. Preliminary discussions are started, and will proceed during week 20.
The reason we do not write any more in the matter is simply that the negotiations are not conducted yet. When such an agreement is signed, something we hope for, we will come back with more information.

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