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Siden 14 mars 2013
Tentative hitches
The form "tentative travels" is by now history
Now you are supposed to know when and who you are going to substitute for when doing extra hitches. The same applies for a fixed date of return.
There is finally a solution to an issue that has annoyed many lately.

The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association (NSA) has signed a protocol of agreement that it is NOT permitted to use tentative dates for traveling offshore/homebound.
Everyone shall have the exact dates to deal with. So, if you work extra because someone is ill, you should know who you substituting for and how long the trip will last (how long the person concerned is reported sick). If the hitch is further prolonged, for example, due to fog, one are also entitled to allowance for waiting time from agreed date of departure.If the person is sick comes out on the rig and the temp goes home, then settled salaries of the substitute until departure offshore.
The same applies if you are called out on a commission where there is a specific task you are supposed to carry out. The trip should have an end date (sick leave period is ended / the specific job is finished). Project Jobs may have a shorter duration than the one assumes before flying out, this means that the period of stay may be shorter and the payments will thus be capped. If the offshore period is reduced / canceled, one is entitled to pay for the full period as agreed, as long as you have reported at the reporting point at the agreed time (Collective Agreement Section 3.3.)
So, what does this mean for us in practice?
When the company makes contact and ask if you are willing to do an extra hitch, you should know:

  • • Why should I travel (one who is taken ill / are sick or if it is project assignment).

  • • Who to substitute for (name). In a project this is of course not possible.
• When to go and when the hitch is finished.

All this information you are supposed to have in writing before you start traveling.
All employees who from May 2012 have not been paid according to the above, will receive payment in in arrears. The company will now start a review of all extra hitches for all employees and start payment according to the agreed protocol. MAF estimates that this will take some time, but if you do not get payouts which you think you are entitled to, please contact us (mmaf@online.no).

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