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MAF general information
Info will deal with "tentative travel", " The Union Alliance Project ", "XLE rigs" and "cetop 2 training".

Tentative travels: 

MAF disagree with the way the company make use of the so called "Tentative travels" when employees are offered extra hitches.
We are of the opinion that this is a clear violation of the Collective Agreement Section 3.3.

When we did not manage to come to agreement with the company we have presented a dispute through IE and await the further developments.


The Union Alliance Project: 

MAF participated in the NSA Forums’ hearing on this topic that took place at Rica Airport Hotel, September 13, 2012.

We were highly critical towards a potential alliance with the "Norwegian Union of General Workers", the "Postkom" and the "Norwegian Transport Workers' Union."
A large majority of the NSA-Forum (including us) do not want this alliance.

A few see the Alliance as an advantageous benefit in order to solve major political problems like the EEA impact on our labor market.

A majority are of the opinion that we may well solve political problems without being in alliance with several associations, we would rather prefer a closer cooperation with some other unions.
We were agreed that if we do not get a referendum on the subject, we will, via board meeting / AGM recommend a rejection of the alliance.
For more info see: forbundsalliansen.no


XLE rigs:
MAF is a participant in the interim WEC for the new rigs.
There are big challenges related to the new types of rig design, procedures, WEAC, designation of job titles, responsibilities and the like.
MAF is also participating in the AoC process.

Furthermore, we anticipate the manning to be a major task. As we have previously written, both MAF and the Occupational Safety Service require that this up-manning is accomplished from Norway.
We see this as a very big challenge and therefore we follow this process all 

CETOP 2 training:
This training which takes place in Kristiansand is approved at the same level as CETOP2. Training is carried out in three modules, H1, H2 and H3.Those who need this training must take a test to see if one needs to complete all three modules, or if you just need to complete H2 and H3.request that everyone take this test, so we can clarify how many people who need all three modules. MAF is of the opinion that all three modules are "mandatory" and therefore should be compensated as such. MAF maintain our point of view and will discuss the matter further.The company informs that all have not yet completed the test. From MAF's side we will   There has been some disagreement about compensation for the courses.
The company claims that only H2 and H3 are entitled to compensation.

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