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MAF general information
MAF informs topics assistent rig engineer, rigg visits, manning XLE rigs, pension for expatriates, travel insurance and elections to the Board of MDN AS.

Assistent rig engineer

We receive many inquiries from personnel in this position group. As you will know, it was decided at the settlement in 2011 that the company had the option of transferring their personnel in this group onto individual salaried personnel (group 2), however no later than 1 June 2012. MAF and the company met in many meetings during 2011/12 on the subject, but as you came to know we did not agree. MAF was of the opinion that the wages were set too low.

The company then decided a unilaterally-binding salary for each employee in the position as individually paid personnel. MAF knows that the salary provided by the company is approximately on average for the industry.

If you are individually salaried you will receive your monthly salary without almost no increments.

Sections of the Collective Agreement which does not apply to personnel on individual remuneration: Section 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 1.paragraph, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, sections 4.1.1 to 4.1.3 and 4.2 and finally sections 5 to 7.

MAF has requested the company to inform the employees on what the transfer from tariff wages to individual salary actually means in practice. MAF has been promised that such information will be presented shortly.


Rigg visits
MAF has been on several rig visits during the recent months. The local union leader, deputy leader and the secretary have visited Giant in Hirtshals. The union leader and deputy leader have also been aboard Innovator in Esbjerg. 


Manning XLE rigs

An information-packet is submitted to the rig management on all units (31 August 2012). A short version is also being sent to all employees (3 September 2012).

The information is related to recruitment with related to future crewing of rigs. "What to do" if you want to work on other / new units within Maersk Drilling. The same applies if someone is seeking new challenges internationally in MD.


Pension for expatriates
When will information on the company's contributions be made available? Reference is made to the changes in the Agreement from 1st June 2012 (from 9 to 15%)?
This question has been answered to MAF in the last week.


Below you will find information on the company's response underlined):

The company contributions increased from 7.9% to 12.1%

The amount is a result of the deduction of employers tax, management fees and cost of administration from the 15 %.

Employers tax is 14,1 % (in this case it constitutes 2.1% of the 15%)

Management fee is 0,6%

Cost of administration is 0,2%

MAF has been given until 15 September to provide feedback if input should be taking into account at the next salary.


MAF has difficulty in understanding the percentage which is set at 12.1%. Management- / Administration fee is something that is new to us. MAF has also asked the other local branches who are covered by the Collective Agreement to provide feedback about the level of the percentage. We will also bring this up with Industri Energi (IE).

This means that the company at the next wages (end of September) will pay 12.1% in arrears from 1st June 2012 to those entitled to this pension.
It is not certain that this percentage will be the final one. MAF is continuing its efforts in the matter.


Travel Insurance
MAF requested the company to consider whether travel insurance may be introduced for all employees. Not only travel insurance related work, but also encompassing leisure time. This is a benefit that other competing companies have offered to their employees, so why should not the largest company operating mobile units offer this benefit for all personnel employed by Maersk Drilling Norway AS?

Now the company has decided to introduce an extended travel insurance scheme from 1 January 2013, MAF appreciate the introduction. More practical information will be provided later. Final negotiations with the insurance companies are not yet terminated, says the company.


Elections to the Board of MDN AS
The elections of employee representatives for the board of Maersk Drilling Norway AS are terminated. The result of the count was that Frode Larsen, Bår Inge Pedersen and Hanne Holmboe will be representatives on the board for the next two years.

Election of employee representatives to the board of MDN AS had received four lists for nomination, and by the deadline, the company had received 275 votes, of which 24 were rejected or were blank.


Counting of votes gave the following results:

Nomination list 1 received 134 votes.

Nomination list 2 received 15 votes.

Nomination list 3 received 44 votes.

Nomination list 4 received 58 votes.


By using the distribution formula for the election method selected the Election Committee has concluded that the following are elected employee representatives on the board of directors:

Board members: Frode Larsen, Bår Inge Pedersen and Hanne Holmboe.

Deputy board members: Jørn B. Hansen, Bjørg Veenstra and Finn Boserup.


MAF congratulate the newly elected and wish them all the best in their duty.

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