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MAF Info
MAF INFO 03-2012
Here are some info about: promotion internally within the company, training committee, manning of XLE rigs, workplace reviews on Maersk Inspirer, wage bargaining with NSA, bonus for long service, position Ass. Rig Engineer, daily subsistence allowance, position of Senior Process Operator, Section 22 in Collective Agreement: Arrangements for older workers, company sport, CETOP 2 training, rig visits, shop steward conference and night shift allowance.

Internal promotion

Based on evaluations, employees may be offered promotion to higher positions through the resource pool. This does not exclude that promotion may be performed   directly in those situations where the actual position is not present in the resource pool.


Training committee

The old protocol on Education Committee has not been terminated yet, but there is established a “training and competence group” within MDN with the mandate from Jacob Korsgaard to attend to education and training. Ellen Gangenes, union studies’ advisor, is representing MAF in the group.

According to the management model of government it is the Asset Manager who is responsible person and is the owner of the training matrix and hold the right to overrule recommendations from the “training and competence group”, and have the final decision on training and competence.

The Safety Service and MAF believe that this is a breach of the PSA's regulations, as well as the preconditions for the rigs manned by MDN to maintain the AoC.
Jacob Korsgaard and HR will prepare a proposal for a new mandate for the “training and competence group”.


Manning XLE rigs
Crewing of the XLE rigs has not yet started. For those interested in working on these rigs and will like to register their interest, they must fill out a form that is registered in a database in Lyngby. The reason the forms are sent to Lyngby is for practical reasons only, in order to make use of a common database. The location of the database does not affect who will take care of the manning of the rigs. This will still be carried out by MDN.


Workplace assessments on Maersk Inspirer
Performance Appraisal is completed, and calibration between the leaders have been implemented to ensure equal treatment of all employees on "Maersk Inspirer."
The company points out that there are no present plans for moving personnel on "Maersk Inspirer."


Wage bargaining with NSA
11 to 12 April a tariff conference was arranged in Stavanger. All claims forwarded by the Annual General Meeting of MAF were presented.
Jørn B Hansen, Frode Larsen and Bår Inge Pedersen will participate from the MAF during the negotiations in Oslo in late May. Start date is 29 May.


Bonus for long service
MAF wants a bonus to encompass all employees. The bonus is preferred like a bonus for seniority. Other companies within the scope of NSA are working with the introduction of this.
The company does not want to implement the bonus.


Ass. Rig Engineer
The status of this case is unchanged. The parties have still not reached agreement. MAF does not accept the offer provided by MDN.


Meal allowance
As we have a lot of questions about meal allowances when traveling, we approached the company to clarify what rates they are using and whether the rates used comply with the regulations that is referred to in the Collective Agreement.
For travels over 12h the company follow the State rates for travel:
2.2 Meal allowance for overnight stays:


a)      For travels lasting more than 12 hours, an undocumented rate of NOK 640, - applies.

b)     For journeys lasting more than 24 hours, 6 hours or more into the next 24-hour period is considered as a brand new full 24-hour period.


When single meals are covered by employer / client or by the organizer / host, a deduction3 in the meal allowance will be made, see also § 12, paragraph 2 last



The employee must be informed before deductions in the travel expenses and time sheets are performed.


Position of Senior Process Operator
It will be checked with the Permanent Position Committee if the actual position is correctly implemented in the NSA matrix.


Section 22 of the Collective Agreement: Arrangements for senior workers
MAF has requested that the company is looking at solutions for employees covered by this paragraph.


Company sports
MAF has asked if MDN is officially registered as a company sports team. They are not and have no intention of doing so.


CETOP 2 training
Having received your questions if On Offshore Services is authorized for printing certificates on CETOP 2, MAF took the issue up with the company.
Requirements for the maintenance personnel is as follows:
Possess relevant trade certificates related to the fields the personnel shall serve, as well as training in accordance with the special instructions issued by the manufacturer of the equipment. The curricula for the certificate shall be specified by the Ministry of education and Research.

Additional training in hydraulics for personnel who will perform maintenance on hydraulic operated machinery. Future training should be consistent with the curriculum that is in accordance with guidelines and requirements developed by the CETOP, minimum CETOP competency level 2. The curriculum should also be approved by the hydraulic industry in Norway (Hydraulics and Pneumatics Association).
On Offshore Services has training in accordance with the following: 


Hydraulic (H2, H3) advanced course
The course provides a vocational competence in industrial hydraulics equivalent to Cetop skills level 2.


The training is approved as vocational training in industrial mechanic and industrial installer subjects.

Requirements for admission are a conducted hydraulic basic course (H1). Candidates with a certificate in mechanical engineering, technical school, engineering school or other previous knowledge of physics, may be granted exemption from module H1 after passing a test of competency.


Target group
Maintenance personnel covered by the provisions of
1) NORSOK R003 The safe use of lifting equipment
2) NORSOK R005 The safe use of lifting and transportation equipment at petroleum facilities onshore
Supervisors and engineers who need a hydraulic depth of competence
Apprentices in the industrial mechanic and industrial installer subjects
Skilled workers seeking specialization in industrial hydraulics.


Øverst i skjemaet

Course Description:
* The curricula are prepared using
• Curriculum issued by the Ministry of Education under the Knowledge Promotion for industrial mechanics and industrial technicians (Vg3)
• Curricula for the Advanced Course I - Electromechanical subjects - Reform 94
• CETOP in the training standards
- RE 2004.01 H - Basic hydraulics / CETOP competence level 1
- RE 2004.03 H (IH2) - Industrial Hydraulic / CETOP competence level 2
• Curricula for vocational training approved by the Bundesinstitut Institut für Berufliche Bildung (Bibb), Berlin. The training is approved as vocational training in industrial mechanic and industrial installer subjects
• Students who pass final exam are awarded a certificate of competence from high school
• Students who pass ​​the final test with a score of 60% or better will receive a diploma confirming the content of training and passed level of competence.


Practical and theoretical training in the use of
• Hydraulic laboratory equipment with electrical and electronic controls
• Computer Simulation Programs
• Diagram technics and reading of drawings

• Project Tasks

Main Topics:

Hydraulic Theory
• Hydraulic system components
• Hydraulic pumps and associated control equipment
• Hydraulic work items
• Hydraulic circuits with control and regulation systems
• Cleanliness and pollution control
• Maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting


After completing training the participants will
• have further developed their understanding of the hydraulic principles
knowledge of control systems for pumps, pressure and flow as well as advantages and disadvantages of different control methods
• be able to make calculations of power, power losses and cylinder powers
be able to read and explain
o hydraulic schematic drawings of symbols, and describe the function and operation of hydraulic components
o electrical schematic drawings of symbols and describe the function and operation of electrical components
have acquired an understanding of systems so that they can conduct systematic troubleshooting and fixing errors and suggest measures for improvement
set up written reports on work done - if necessary in English


The training ends with a final test - duration 2 hours.
Grading according to high school, where 1 = lowest and 6 = best grade.


Course certificate / course documentation:
Competence certificate from high school. Score 20% or better
Diploma for passing training equivalent to Cetop competence level 2. Score 60% ​​or better

Competence certificate and diploma issued by Setesdal Secondary School, Hornes.
80 hours (assume that H1, 40 hours, is carried out - or that the same expertise can be documented)

To obtain a certificate of competence it must also be documented at least 48 hours in workshop engineering.


* It must be emphasized that the curriculum is approved as a secondary education (vg3). Also the curricula will follow the academic guidelines described for example in the Cetop standards. On & Offshore Services AS has not applied for HPF to become an approved educational institution.
So, the parties assume that adequate training in accordance with the requirement in CETOP 2, and the requirement under the R-003 N are satisfied.


MAF claim that this will be compensated according to the Collective Agreement.

Rig visits
MAF will give priority to rig visits both on Innovator and Giant when they shall stay in shipyard.


Shop steward conference
Again, this year also we will arrange 2 shop steward conferences in the autumn. These courses were a great success last year and we are already looking forward to the upcoming meetings. While you wait, there are many interesting courses for those elected shop stewards under the management of Industri Energi, what about:


NEW! Basic Course in Molde

A basic training course will be arranged in Molde. We encourage shop stewards and members to join. It is desirable that those who sign up come from the region.
The course will give the participants a basic understanding and insight into the key areas of competence for an elected representative. Take the basic course to be updated on the most important issues!


NEW! Basic Training 1 in the Grenland area
A basic training course will be arranged in the Grenland area. We will revert with location. We encourage shop stewards and members to join. It is desirable that those who sign up come from the region.
The course will give the participants a basic understanding and insight into the key areas of competence for an elected representative. Take the basic course to be updated on the most important issues!

Negotiation skills 2
Participants will acquire knowledge and techniques in communication and negotiation, learning to understand the situations at a more detailed level.

If this is something for you, check on www.industrienergi.no courses and conferences.


Night shift allowance
We often get a lot of questions relating to the payment of nightshift allowance in cases where one works permanently night shifts , and maybe come out on the rig 2-3 days delayed due to fog or canceled flights, or the like.
Under such circumstances the night shift allowance, being an inconvenience allowance, is actually to be paid for nightshifts worked only. No inconvenience - no compensation.
The only circumstance that will entitle you to be compensated for night shift allowance without actually being at work is when you are reported sick. It may sound a little strange, but in this case it is both the Collective Agreement and the National Insurance Scheme that regulates this.

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