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Siden 14 mars 2013
Wage settlement 2012
MAF’s claim for the settlement

Here are vigorous claims for this years’ wage settlement. These requirements will be forwarded to the Negotiating Committee who in turn will decide on which claims to be presented before the employers. 


The Maersk Employee’s Association (MAF) claims for the wage settlement 2012 are:


The claims are not presented in order of priority.


20 % increase in salary. The increase in salary to be calculated in percentage.


·       4.1 Wage group positions

The following positions to be changed:

- DFO promoted to wage group B

- Assistant Crane operator promoted to wage group C

- Slurry operator promoted to wage group B

- Crane Operator promoted to wage group A

- Mechanic promoted to wage group B

- Process operator promoted to wage group A

- Hydraulic Engineer promoted to wage group A

·       5.1  Size of the allowance

Change the percentage rate for overtime compensation from 65 % to 

100 %

·       5.5 (new point) Agreed overtime

Agreed overtime related to an extension of the regular period on board, or at an offshore hitch during the leisure period shall always have a fixed date for return. If one fails to comply with this specific date, this will be compensated with waiting time allowance pursuant to § 3.3.

·       6.3           Mask allowance

To be increased.

·       6.5 Oil based mud:

Brine, sewage and hydraulic oil to be classified under mud allowance and the compensation to be increased.

·       6.6 Smoke divers

To be changed from NOK 250 to NOK 500

·       7 Night shift allowance

The night bonus to be increased by 20 %

·       12            Compensation for public holidays

To be increased to NOK 3 000,-.

·       13.1 Ordinary travel route

Delete the sentence: ”In connection with necessary overnight stay….State rates for travel.”

Insert the following sentence: Meals allowance to be paid according to the State rates for travel.

·       13.5 Official journeys:

Allowance to be increased from NOK 25,- to hourly rate.

·       14.1            General regulations under leave of absence: Corrections in the text from 7 to

        14 days.


·       The Joint Statement on shop stewards shall also apply for the safety representatives in each individual company.

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