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MAF INFO 01-2012

Here is some information about Annual General Meeting, Election to the MAF Board, The Educational Committee in MDN, Organisational Changes "Maersk Inspirer", Manning on slurry "MAERSK REACHER", Welding skills "MAERSK REACHER", Manning XLE rigs, Asst rig engineer and Education for Hydraulich Engineers/Rigfloor Mechanics.

Annual General Meeting, AGM 2012

This years AGM in the Maersk Employees Association, MAF will take place in Copenhagen 27 – 29 January.

This year we will get the opportunity to visit our headquarters at the Esplanade and the AP Møller Museum.


26 January a board meeting will be held prior to the AGM.

The Annual General Meeting process among other things, the accounts for 2011, cases received, activityplan for 2012 and prepare the MAFs claims for the wage settlement 2012.

We wish all our company shop stewards and the site shop stewards welcome to the AGM.


Election to the MAF Board

The election will soon be finished and the results will be presented during this week. The Election Protocol is to be published on the web when the counting of votes is made.



The Educational Committee in MDN

A meeting was held on 13 January concerning how issue on courses should be handled by the MDN. MAF will be informed at the next monthly meeting (February 8).


Organisational Changes "Maersk Inspirer."

The company has informed MAF that they will evaluate the possibility of reducing the number of rig administrators on "Maersk Inspirer", and eventually phase them out. The company also informed that this will not result in any layoffs.

The Safety Service and MAF have pointed out that if this will be implemented the necessary assessments of impact must be carried out and information and knowledge collected about what tasks are then to be moved on to other positions, or transferred to the onshore organization.

The company confirms that the Management Regulations, their provisions for adequate manning and expertise in all phases of the petroleum activities shall be followed.


Manning on slurry "MAERSK REACHER"

Rig Manager "MAERSK REACHER" wants to have three additional crew to operate the CRI unit on "MAERSK REACHER". It is currently not defined that this will be purely slurry operators, the company will a look at the possibility of using other skills also in these positions. According to decision in I-AMU "MAERSK REACH" the position to be managed by the technical department of the rig.


Welding skills "MAERSK REACHER".

Given restrictions on hot work on the Valhall Flank the management of "MAERSK REACHER" Rig Team do not consider that are still any need for welders on "MAERSK REACHER" in the present contract for BP. On this basis, the company would like to evaluate other solutions / positions for those who presently are employed as welders on the rig. This issue was also raised in the "MAERSK REACHER" " I- AMU on 20 December 2011.




As of today the Company do not want to retain welders on the rig. This will not involve layoffs, but can lead to change of rig for those currently working as welders on "MAERSK REACHER" ". Another solution may be that they accept a different position on the rig that eventually may be offered to them.


Manning XLE rigs:

Safety Service and MAF has required that the crew of the two new XLE rigs which have received a contract in Norway should be manned by MDN HR department.Company related MD is supposed to recruit in the range of 3000 people.

The intention is that all XLE rigs will be be manned from Norway, and MDN will be responsible for manning the new XLE rigs right from the start. In Norway, we need about 350 new employees.


Asst rig engineer.

The parties have not reached consencus. The company shall submit a proposal for protocol, along with anonymised payroll statistics.


Education for Hydraulich Engineers and Rigfloor Mechanics:

Listings with an overview of skills is presently processed. These lists are made on the basis of material submitted by the employees. Efforts are made to find solutions to increase the competence of those who do not comply with NOK CETOP 2. In this regard, one will come to use among others "On & Offshore Services AS" in Kristiansand.

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