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Siden 14 mars 2013
Ass. Technical Supervisor
Meeting regarding the Ass. Technical Supervisor
A short update after the meeting held at the office at the 29.11.11 regarding wages negotiations for the position Ass. Techical Supervisor.

We received some figures from the company that we could not accept, and provided the company with some numbers in return that we believe matches better, we can not go into the numbers in this update.


We envision a matrix with 4 groups in which the first is a group of new employees and the last group for those with longer seniority as Ass.. Technical Supervisor with a certificate in which expectations of job performance are met.


These meetings are very challenging and if we do not agree there is a risk that the subject must be solved centrally between IE / NSA.



Regards Odd Richard Kollstad, Board member and participant in these meetings.


 Some background:

During the Settlement in 2010 the parties agreed that the Ass. Technical Supervisor might be placed in wage group 2 for individually paid. 


From the protocol of 2010:

Ass. Technical Supervisor.

The organisations have discussed the wage position of the Ass. Technical Supervisor.

The approach to the problem will be addressed to the established joint committee which the organisations are agreed upon. Untill this work is carried out the parties are agreed that the position according to agreement between the local parties can be placed in wage group 2.



From the protocol of 2011:

The following paragraph “Separate entry in the minutes 2010” to be replaced with the following text:

The local parties shall agree that the Assistant Technical Supervisor will be positioned individually in wage group 2 within 1 June 2012. The individual statement of wages will be based on minimum average total wages for the position as Assistant Technical Supervisors in the company. Calculations to be based on ordinary offshore periods from the last year before alteration to individual wages.

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