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Offshore settlement 2011

The settlement for offshore employees is done. We have received some questions which will be attended to. 

Implementation of positions

Positions which will be affected by the changes within the position matrix in Maersk Drilling Norge as (MDN) is the following:

·      Crane Operator to be promoted to wage group B

·      Ass.driller promoted to wage group A

·      Logistic Coordinator promoted to wage group B

·      Eng.Resp. and Eng.Mech. promoted to wage group A


The position as Ass.Technical Manager shall be on individual salaries at June 1, 2012 at the latest.  MAF and MCN have now been agreed that the first negotiations to be carried out in mid-August.


How will the positions be promoted in the wage matrix ?

In the minutes from the settlement it is stated: ”At promotion to wage group “x” per 1 June 2011 the individual employee will be embedded in the pay grade in wage group “x” which money-wise is closest above the pay grade in wage group “x” the employee had before promotion.  The wage matrix to be adjusted with the general increment before the promotion under this section is implemented. "


This means that everyone in the group C being promoted up to B, is moved directly upwards. (see fig. below).


This means that all personell in group B who are promoted to group A, will be retarded “one year backwards” (se fig. below).


Minimum wage rates to be increased by 3 %

The group individually salaried are provided a guarantee of minimum NOK 9 000,-. However, the frame within each company should be at least 3 %.


Night shift allowance

From 1 June the night shift allowance is increased to NOK 66,- per hour.


Compensation for public holidays

From 1 June the allowance for public holidays is increased to NOK 1 630,- per day.



When it comes to the unsettled issue of pensions, the parties agreed that the transitional arrangement so far is extended by 2 years, until 2016, if legislation is further delayed. The joint committee will continue their work.


Please note that the wage scale being used in this article is currently unofficial. 


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