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Siden 14 mars 2013
Info pursuant to monthly meeting

Slurry operators, hotel bookings, narcotics, contractual pension scheme (AFP) and then some are subjects being discussed.

Slurry operators ”Gallant”

The company informed that they would terminate the use of own slurry operators on ”Mærsk Gallant”. MAF, of course, will not accept any possible outsourcing. The matter is to be discussed at the next meeting.  Then we hope the company will tell us another story, if not then we need to ”beat the drums”.


Hotel bookings

We've had some inquiries from members about the selection of hotels at out-/homebound travels. We have requested the company and got the following  reply:


Maersk Drilling Norge AS has an agreement with Choice hotels in Stavanger.


·         If you need a hotel at crew change the Quality Hotel Residence should be


·         Deviations can be made if the hotel is fully booked - then the Quality

Airport Hotel is preferred.

·         The employee is not supposed to choose freely.


The reason why the employees may not freely choose their hotel reservations is that the company sees significant advantages to having a ‘contract hotel’. Neither Rica Airport or the Quality Airport Hotel has the capacity to be a crew change hotel for Maersk Drilling Norway AS.

Benefits of an ’agreement hotel’ are:

 -          The volume is directed towards one place and the company can

 negotiate a good price

-          At fog situations or at other occasions where it is difficult to get hotel rooms, an ’agreement hotel’ will make great efforts and put lot of work in order to provide rooms for our employees.

-          Rooms are reserved for our employees on days we have crew changes

and so have needs for accommodation.

-          We are contacted in advance of major events in the city so that rooms are

being reserved according to our needs.

-         The crew is gathered in one hotel, a great benefit to the administration

at fog situations and other helicopter delays in relation to whether the members of the crew is staying at different hotels.


We are informed of a restart of an airport shuttle (Hotel & CorporateTravels) between Stavanger Airport and Sandnes. Information will be sent to the rigs when further details are available.


Drugs / addictive medicine

From 1 January 2011 new regulations was introduced about the abuse of drugs and addictive medicine for offshore personnel. The rules are considerably stricter. We have requested the company what this will mean for the individual employees, MDN will revert on the matter when they have checked this out with their sources.  Otherwise, you can even check the manual which is published by The Norwegian Directorate of Health on the matter.



AFP, contractual pension scheme, for shore based personnel

MAF claimed for a Collective Agreement for land based personnel in May 2005, the same year this was approved by the MDN / NSA. After one of the former employees has left the labor market, the question about whether the company is covered or not, by the APF (contractual pension scheme) appeared. Pursuant to the MAF’s claim all personnel working at the office are now covered by the AFP scheme, member of MAF or non member.



Otherwise, it is mentioned that we are working with a number of individual cases. We will also sign an agreement for the stay at ship yard in Hirtshals for “Guardian” at the next meeting.


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