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Siden 14 mars 2013
”Mærsk Reacher”
MAF is presently working intensively to achieve an agreement for the intake of "Reacher" to Norway. The agreement must also include many other aspects.

Mærsk Reacher to Norway

As previously informed, the ”Mærsk Reacher” is expected in Norway sometime during the spring time. Before the rig enters the shipyard in Rotterdam, the rig will comply with its contract as a flotel in the Danish sector.

It is also possible that the rig will take on a drilling contract before it is towed to the Netherlands. As you will already know, the contracts “Reacher” has in Denmark is somewhat uncertain or unclear. This means that the agreements MAF intends to make with the MDN is put on ‘hold’, but we are in daily contact with the company.

Along with the intake of “Reacher” comes several challenges, which we have to enclose in an agreement with the company.

I will now try to clarify the various challenges that must be taken into account in the agreement.

At present ”Reacher” is on the Danish Shelf. The rig is manned according to hotel modus + some drilling personnel. An estimated 55 persons are presently on board. The unit is going to Rotterdam for reconstruction. If there is a drilling contract before transit to the Netherlands, we do not know yet. But if there is a drilling contract the number of drill crew will be increased and since the rig is in Danish waters, it is possible that it may not be manned by personnel from MDN (Maersk Drilling Norge as).  

Some may ask if the rig comes fully manned to Norway or may they do so?

MAF do not know if the rig comes fully staffed to Norway. Legally they can do so.

It will be similar to the fact as we claim that the crew should be included if ”our rigs” is  transferred to another shelf. The illustrious word transfer of undertakings shall apply. Many of our ”old-timers” are familiar with our fights related to transfer of undertakings in the beginning of the 2000s.

Some of the challenges are that the Danish personnel presently on “Reacher” will be visiting the Norwegian Shelf to learn the regulations, practices, etc.

We also have MDN personnel who will attend the rig located on the Danish Continental Shelf, in order to be familiarized with the “Reacher” in operation mode. The main challenge will be when MDN employees and the crew on “Reacher” will work together at the shipyard in Rotterdam. Here there is no Collective Agreement, what do we do then?

MAF are not willing to accept other than the Norwegian Collective Agreement, as if the unit was on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

An agreement like the one we had with "Maersk Gallant" in Esbjerg 2009 with the "tax agreement".

But what of the personnel who are not currently encompassed by the Norwegian Collective Agreement? Will there be acceptance for one "A-team" and a "B team"? MAF at least can promise to fight for the "B team" to be promoted to the "A-team". We're colleagues!

MAF will revert with more info once we have clarified all these questions.

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