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Siden 14 mars 2013
Monthly meeting September 2010
MAF will give you some info about the present topics and what's presently being discussed and negotiated with the company. Additionally we are handling a lot of individual personal matters which will not be referred to in this info.

The wages settlement for shore based personnel
In March this year the company offered the shore based personnel a pay rise of approximately 1.5%. After closing of the central wages settlement we have tried to increase the percentage to cope with the level offered within competing companies within the same scope of Agreement. These companies have given an increase in wages of approximately 3-4 %. 

MAF has failed to improve the company's offer, which we believe may be related to the company's association with AP Moeller Group.

Based on this we have requested Industri Energi (IE) not to approve this year’s wage settlement. Officially the wages settlement is supposed to be approved by October 31. We will revert with info on this item.

National Congress IE
In week 41 the National Congress of IE will take place. It will be 6 years since the last meeting, when the merger with the Chemical workers union became a reality. As you will remember MAF opposed this decision, but we may not “cry over spilled milk’ any longer.

MAF will be represented by 5 delegates + 1 member of the National Council attending the meeting. All about the National Congress to be found HERE

International contracts
MAF has been advised by Maersk Drilling Norway (MDN) that a new company is established in Guernsey called Maersk Guernsey Offshore Crewing Pte Ltd.
Senior personnel who are employed by Maersk Guernsey Offshore Pte Ltd will be transferred to Maersk Guernsey Offshore Crewing Pte Ltd. Junior personnel will be dismissed from Maersk Guernsey Offshore Pte Ltd (Mog) to be employed by MDN only. This only applies for personnel working on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. All employees of Mog already have or will shortly receive a letter about this.
”MÆRSK REACHER” to the Norwegian Continental Shelf
As you probably are fully aware of MDN have signed a contract with BP for the delivery of the rig and crew on the Norwegian continental shelf. The duration of the contract is 3 years. Presently one are working hard in order to get the rig ready for an AOC application. Similar to earlier occasion an interim AMU has been appointed.When it comes to manning, this is not clarified yet.MAF anticipate that the whole resource pool will "bust" and that personnel dismissed in 2009 will be offered reinstatement. In addition we suppose that the company will have to apply for more employees. When and where the rig will be completed and made ready for the contract is not decided yet, but MAF believe it will be in Rotterdam in March/April next year. It is expected that the rig is ready for BP in the summer of 2011.

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