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2.Juni 2018

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Siden 14 mars 2013
On a monthly basis a co-operation and negotiation meeting between MAF and MDN is arranged. Related to this the local union publish a ”MAF-INFO” with relevant information of public interest.

Training agreement
We are awaiting a meeting in the internal training committee for them to complete lists of rig-specific training courses.

Bonus for loyalty
The market situation has changed negatively over the last months for all comparable operators. Due to this fact we have jointly agreed with the company to close this item as a permanent subject in the monthly meetings.
If and when one of our competitors tries to implement such an effort the item will be reinstated as a fixed subject on the agenda for our fixed monthly meetings.

Taxation - ’Maersk Galant’ to Esbjerg
A separate meeting with the company with the participation of finance and legal assistance has been arranged. As a result we feel reassured after receiving positive and clarifying answers from the company to all our questions. We hope for a swift clarification to enable us to sign a protocol this week to guarantee that anyone working on the Gallant will not get an increase in their taxation during the stay at shipyard in Esbjerg.

”Mærsk Gallant” to Denmark
We hope to sign an agreement this week to cover the stay at the shipyard in Esbjerg.
We anticipate this new agreement to be identical to the in force agreement for work on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Compensation for oil based mud
No consensus was obtained during the last monthly meeting. MAF have not resigned their hope to achieve an agreement and we also anticipate that MDN also are very interested in the effort to succeed. As you probably see this is all about the number of days to be compensated. This item will be a subject on the agenda for the April meeting.

Agreement on company seniority
A fixed date is set for the first meeting between the company and MAF. During this meeting at March 26 we will try to clarify/discuss the principles for the agreement. New meetings have to be arranged in order to agree on ‘rig-specifics’ regarding positions.

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