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Siden 14 mars 2013
On a monthly basis a cooperation and negotiation meeting is arranged between MAF and MDN. The local branch will issue a ”MAF-INFO” with relevant information of common interest after every monthly meeting.

Training agreement
This agreement was signed last year. According to the agreement lists of training courses related to each installation will be issued. The lists will also state the specific compensation given for each course. The lists are not completed yet and the training committee will meet in the near future before the lists eventually will be signed. The lists are supposed to be under constant revision regarding eventual new courses and compensation to be given for same.

Bonus for loyalty
The negotiations on wages in 2008 opened up for paying of loyalty bonuses to ‘junior positions’. The company and the local branch will both review the market closely. We have a certain sense that MDN will not be the first ones to pay such bonuses and so the eventual payments of bonus will be ‘on hold’. This item will be statutory on every monthly agenda.

Practical trainees
The scheme is subject to constant evaluation in each meeting. In short one can say that some of the trainees have been offered the possibility of fast-track careers within drilling. The trainees are additional to the fixed manning on the installations and they also are undergoing a number of training courses onshore.

Pre-shift meetings
The company has uttered a wish for an agreement which will regulate the pre-shift meetings on the installations. MAF have been of the opinion that the company basically wished to impose compensation below the standards stated in the Collective Agreement. MAF are skeptical to the practical way these meetings are performed, especially after listening to shop stewards on the units. MAF have rejected to engage in a local agreement on the subject.

Taxation - ’Maersk Galant’ to Esbjerg
In the spring ’Maersk Gallant’ will be towed to Esbjerg for upgrading and inspection. During this operation personnel living in Denmark will get a heavy increase in their personal taxation. MDN wants to guarantee that the taxation will be equal to the level of ordinary taxes used for permanent residents in Denmark when they are at work in Norway. A practical implementation of this will be handled by the finance department in MDN in close cooperation with the company’s tax advisors. MAF have asked the company to guarantee the same for personnel living outside of Denmark. More detailed information with statements is submitted to ‘Gallant’ from the company. MAF are following the subject very closely.

”Mærsk Gallant” to Denmark
We are in positive dialog with the company management to establish a protocol which will encompass rig stay in Denmark. As you already know the Collective Agreement does not apply abroad from Norway. MAF anticipate, in cooperation with the company, to obtain a close to identical agreement to the one which is valid for the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The new agreement is expected to be signed within March of this year.

Compensation for oil based mud
It has obviously been practiced various solutions for compensations relating to the ‘compensation for oil based mud’ on the rigs. In this connection, we are now in the process of establishing a local protocol which applies to all units. We are not agreed yet, but hope for signing in March.

Agreement on company seniority
In these days MAF are in the final stages of preparing for a company seniority agreement ready for signing. MAF anticipates the agreement may be virtually the same agreement we had with the company a few years ago. The challenge lies in all the new positions that are created in connection with the production units.

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